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My Name is Molly Ira. I am a mom to two beautiful children and I am working towards a Bachelors of Science in Nursing at AdventHealth University. Prior to Nursing, I worked in property management as a leasing agent. I was born & raised in Orlando, Florida and have resided here my entire life. My full time job as a mother has kept me on my toes, and I quickly developed a true passion for cleaning & organization. As a future nurse, I value just how important a clean and healthy environment is. As a mom, I can also completely relate to just how hard it can be to keep up with everyday messes! Just as my career choice reflects, I have always had an adoration for helping others. I am more than grateful that I have created a way to share my skill in cleaning and organization & use it to change others lives for the better. Thank you for trusting me and my company to satisfy all of your cleaning & organizing needs.

Dust To Dazzle Mission Statment

Dust to Dazzle was built on a foundation of passion. Just a small town mom who had a big dream to share with others the life changing work that she could do. The ability to have utmost trust in those we choose to allow to service us is a key quality, and can be hard to find. This is what sets our company apart. You are not only gaining a high-quality professional service, but also a personable trust-worthy individual who truly appreciates your needs and gets the job done right! We can not wait to give you a dazzling experience!


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